Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Swallows & Mustard

Cardigan: H&M / Dress: H&M / Boots: New Look / Tights: H&M / Bag: Accessorize / Belt: New Look /

I switched mirrors this time so you could see my cute boots! It's dark in the mornings here now so I had the big lamp on. It is SO much harder to drag myself out of bed when it's dark. Even if it's the exact same time as usual - my head just tells me it's wrong to get up in the dark ha. I got this dress in the sale for £7.99!! I adore it. I've been looking for the perfect bird print dress for a long time, and this was just perfect. The swallows are almost tattoo like, and the shirt style is so flattering! My favorite dress right now for sure :)


  1. I will be looking out for this in H&M, it's lovely. I'm also awful with dark mornings, they just feel so wrong! x

    1. Sure does! I love the shorter evenings, something so cozy about it being dark earlier - but dark mornings are too much ha! x

  2. This dress is just adorable!! I love how you paired it with the yellow cardigan and those boots. You look so pretty!